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Contact Us

 We are open in San Rafael   Monday  through Friday 9am to 2pm. Please call to let us know you are coming!   415 454 4008

Saturdays, we are usually open in San Rafael from 10am  to noon but call first to confirm

We are closed Sundays but sometimes come in so call to check.  415 454 4008    

Mill Valley hours are are by appointment so always CAll first   415 389 9405.  

You can contact us by phone seven days a week  a day by leaving a message on our answering machine at  415 454 4008  or send us an  e mail to   qucr@qucr.com.    We do not  text!     If you need to reach us after hours,  our direct   numbers can be found at  415 454 4008.    Thanks!  

If you are a regular customer you may be able  pick up a car after hours.  Call ahead of time  to arrange this. 

Always call the 415-454-4008  number first if you can.  Our email address is qucr@qucr.com and we check our e mail daily but phoning is usually quicker and more efficient .   Email if you are not in a hurry or unable to call.

NEW ! Call us for FREE from anywhere in the world through Skype during our business hours: Skype support

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